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Have you considered all of the advantages of Direct Mail?
RESPONSE: When compared to emails sent to existing customers, Direct Mail has 30 times the chance of receiving a response from the customer.
SAVINGS: Presorted rates can offer significant postage savings.
TIME: When you partner with Holley's you can make better use of your resources and free up time to do what you do best.
SPEED: Our equipment and experience gets your message in your customer's hands quick!
ACCURACY: Your mail list or a purchased list is NCOA Link Processed which means your material is addressed with the most current information available. Our software removes duplicates and enables us to make minor corrections.
CHOICE: There's no need for annual postal permit fees once Holley's Printing is approved to mail on your behalf using our First Class or Standard mailing permits.

Tabbing machine

Addressing flyers

●Machine Inserting
●Hand Inserting
●Mail List Prep
●Deliver trays or bundles to local USPS office


Would you like to broadcast your message to everyone in a specific area?
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®)may be the solution you are looking for!
With EDDM®, you pick out the specific routes you want to mail to for your final mailing count. See the link below.
Holley’s Printing will print and band your postcards in the required groups of 100. We will return to you to deliver and pay the postage due to each corresponding post office for the maximum postal discount. Special permits are not required when you use EDDM®.

Trays Mail Service

Perforating Form

Choose from four common USPS approved EDDM® postcard sizes, or get a quote for a custom size. The standard sizes are:
● 4.25 x 10.625
● 4.25 x 15
● 6.25 x 9
● 6 x 11
Minimum Size: Be greater than either 6.125 inches high or 10.5 inches long on one side.
Maximum : No side can be longer than 15 inches or 12 inches high.
Weight: Cannot weigh more than 3.03 ounces
Thickness: Must be thicker than 0.007″ and less than .75″ thick.

Postcards that do not fit within these guidelines are not eligible for EDDM rates.


Holley's Printing offers free delivery within our service area.
Holley's Printing can also drop ship your items via:
● Fed-Ex
● United States Post Office (USPS)
● Blind Ship

Folded Brochures

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